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Mission Statement

The Staples Gridiron Club, which was founded in 1993, is a volunteer organization made up of player’s parents and Staples football supporters working toward helping the Staples Football Program reach its goals.  The Gridiron Club helps support the Football Program by participating in an assortment of fundraising activities.

Items supported by the Gridiron Club

The items listed below are the tip of the iceberg in what we strive to provide to the program.  Our over-riding objective is to give the student athletes and the football program the best experience possible. This includes not only financial support but also personal involvement and giving of our time as volunteers.  Parental involvement is important on all levels, augmenting the Athletic Department’s budget allowing the football program to be competitive on the field with any team in the state.  A winning tradition of football in Westport goes back a very long way. “A Proud Tradition….A Bright Future” are the earmarks of the Staples Football Program!
Support (or provides) a scholarship fund for graduating seniors
Provides financial assistance to players as (or if) needed
Donates to Staples and National Scholar Athlete Awards
Donated weightlifting equipment to the Fitness Center
Refurbished the football locker room in 1997 & 2008
Donated funds to purchase new score board
Purchased new flagpole
Donated funds to help refurbish the new Press Box
Provides annual donation of $1,200 to Staples HS for non-athletic use
Pledged $130,000 toward the new synthetic turf fields
Donates time and money to the Staples Cheerleaders
Donates funds to Clasp, Respect, Sportsmen of Westport
Subsidizes year-end banquet
Donates money for players uniforms / equipment
Donated funds to help build the new Equipment Annex
Helps subsidize team dinners and breakfast
Honors past players and volunteers annually to the “Wall of Fame”
Produces Annual Program Book
Pledged $25,000 to Stadium Project
Arranges for videos and highlight tapes to be made available to college recruiters
Arranges for program publicity that increases team and player recognition; which enhances college opportunities and consideration for area honors